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  • -40%Limited
    Brazilian Kinky Curly Freepart -14 inch Lace Closure $83.99

    Made with 100% human hair, it looks natural and very soft and delicate. The hair from the scalp begins to form a very tight, curly that shrinks easily. In many places, such as Brazil and Peru. Hair texture has become a key symbol of racial classification and social status.

    With proper care, the hair bundles last an average of 6-9 months. We make one of the best human hair extensions you will ever try!

  • -40%Limited
    Cambodian Body Wave Freepart -14 inch Lace Closure $58.79

    Cambodian Body Wave is a lush hair texture with a deep S-shaped wave pattern. Body Wave texture is soft with beautiful natural body. Waves vary from medium body wave to a loose wave. It can be worn in its natural wavy texture, curled or flat ironed for a straighter look. It is voluminous, low maintenance, and versatile.

  • -38%Limited
    Cambodian Deep Wave Freepart -14 inch Lace Closure $62.79

    Reigning supreme in versatility, the Deep Wave hair collection features a soft, spiral wave full of body and bounce. Our deep wave hair is perfect for those who want big waves that make an even bigger splash.

  • -40%Limited
    Cambodian Straight Freepart -14 inch Lace Closure $62.39

    Our Cambodian Straight hair bundles are soft and thick from weft to tip, making it easy to style and maintain. Because of the hair’s durability, it can be curled and straightened easily and is the perfect option if you want an effortless, easy-to-style install.

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